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Remarks: The incapability to define the identify Euclymene as symbolizing a phylogenetic hypothesis is due the point that the taxon is at the moment presumed paraphyletic there are no synapomorphies presently acknowledged (cf. Desk I). A long term phylogenetic examination involving associates of Euclymene species will be expected to solve this concern.

Euclymene vidali sp. nov.

ZooBank Life Science Identifier (LSID) – urn:lsid:zoobank. org:act:71ADFA40-55F8-42E8-B5D7-43015573A054. rn(Figures 2a-f, 3a-f, 4a-b, 5a-d, 6a-d)Johnstonia sp.

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De Assis and Christoffersen, 2011, p. Material examined: Holotype: Brazil: Diogo Lopes, Macau -Rio Grande do Norte, northeastern Brazil, in tidal creek and mud (one. CIPY-POLY-UFPB 1745: José Eriberto De Assis and André Vidal col. , September 2007, (5°05´02.

Paratypes: CIPY-POLY-UFPB 1746 (1 total specimen), (2) 1747, (5°04´27. 02″ W) CIPY-POLY-UFPB 1748, (3 total specimens) (4 anterior and posterior fragments) CIPY-POLY-UFPB 1749: (5°04´55. 01″ S 36°26´31.

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January 2018 (6°46’04. 07″ S 34°56’05.

” W). Definition: A specific hypothesis, accounting for the adhering to characters: presence of 23 chaetigers, cephalic plate with easy posterior margin, and serrate capillary chaetae on chaetiger nine organized as dense bundle. Hypothetically, each individual of these figures arose among the customers of an ancestral populace, inevitably getting preset, ensuing in people noticed in the existing. Description of grownup semaphoronts: The holotype is a total specimen, duration fifty mm, one. Paratypes 48‒62 mm lengthy, one.

mm huge. Body cylindrical 23 chaetigers, one pre-pygidial achaetous segment, a person thinner callus ring, pygidial funnel. Anterior conclude with oval cephalic plate bordered by properly-made cephalic rim. Cephalic rim smooth, with two deep lateral notches and one particular posterior notch.

Prostomium broadly rounded, forming a bit arched keel about 10 pink-brown ventrolateral ocelli. Nuchal grooves parallel, extending through 3-quarters of cephalic plate duration. Mouth down below prostomium, with wrinkled decreased lip. Proboscis a sleek eversible sac (Figs.

Chaetigers 1–7 varying from 1. mm very long, 1. Chaetigers 8–9 two instances lengthier than anterior chaetigers chaetigers 10–16 3 occasions extended than to start with chaetiger posterior chaetigers reducing in duration. Notochaetae emerge from depressions neurochaetae job specifically from system wall on anterior 50 percent of just about every section ( Fig. Remaining chaetigers with small lifted notopodia and conspicuous neuropodial tori. Notopodia of chaetigers 1–23 with fascicles of extensive, fine capillary chaetae, just about every with connected microalgal filaments.

Notochaetae of all chaetigers with posterior row of lengthy, sheathed capillaries, and anterior row of shorter modified capillaries (Figs. These chaetae have a shorter foundation and are of a few kinds: limbate spinose modified serrate (Figs. Chaetae on chaetiger 9 organized in dense bundle ( Fig. Neuropodia of chaetigers 1–3 just about every with a person acicular hook, with little denticles previously mentioned main fang (Figs. Posterior to chaetiger three, neuropodia with row of rostrate hooks, current to chaetiger 23 (Figs. Hook rows organized perpendicular to physique wall, with extended, curved posterior shaft, and outstanding manubrium on posterior 50 %. Neuropodial tori with variable range of rostrate hooks (four: 11, five: 15, 6: 22) ( Figs. Pre-pygidial phase about a person fifty percent duration of last chaetiger, with decreased torus at posterior end. Distinctive callus ring in posterior location of segment ( Fig. Pygidial funnel extended posteriorly, bearing 22 subconical anal cirri of a bit variable length (paratypes with 19‒27) midventral cirrus two moments for a longer time than other cirri. Anus terminal, central, surrounded by divergent folds (Figs.

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