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Nonetheless, the majority of its customers express dissatisfaction with its service, primarily attributed to limited customer support available only 24/5, in contrast to the standard industry practice of 24/7. It also faces criticism for the absence of PAMM or social trading functions and its inability to facilitate actual stock trading. The British brokerage company Active Trades received a TU Overall Score of 4.82 and emerged as ranked 95 on the list. Brokers garnering scores between 3.0 and 4.99 present a significant level of risk and require comprehensive analysis.

The platform won the Best Newcomer Broker and Best New Forex Broker awards in 2020. However, even then, many choose to use market makers as it is simply more convenient, even though ECN traders offer broker ecn a number of advantages. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

ecn trading platform

In addition, Indian ECN brokers tend to promote higher risk practices, including high-volume trading, low-lot sizes, and micro-lots. A ECN beginner in India will want to pick a platform based on their individual needs, and clearly understand the risks. In addition to the differences between market makers and Indian ECN brokerage, there are a few other differences between the two types of brokers. Indian market maker brokers typically maintain a dealing desk where they quote a bid and ask price and are the counterparty for Indian customer orders. Indian market Makers may take the other side of a trade to compensate for their losses. Some Indian market makers even engage in margin calls and price manipulation in India.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using an ECN is the price to pay for using it. Typically, the fees and commissions for using an ECN are higher as compared to non-ECN systems. Per-trade-based commissions can be costly and can affect a trader’s bottom line and profitability.

ecn trading platform

ECN brokers are essentially forex brokers that operate with no dealing desk; instead they connect traders direct to liquidity providers. As ECN brokers have no dealing desk, they do not profit when traders lose money (like a market maker does). If you are looking for a trading platform that offers a variety of exchange rates and trading conditions, IC Markets is one of the best ECN trading platforms. Indian ECN brokers work as a central hub for Indian traders on the forex market, connecting them with other dealers, such as commercial banks and investment funds.

As with any financial trading, there is risk involved if the assets being traded are illiquid i.e. if it’s easy to exit the positions held. Prices reflect real, live market conditions at that time with the ECN providing a level of privacy to those who need it, such as those executing large orders. You may have noticed that some brokers use the word ‘ECN’ liberally for marketing purposes, even though they may not provide a true ECN service. Their commission is usually expressed in US$ per lot or million US$ traded, and typically applies to each side of a trade. In other words, a $3 commission per lot per side will first apply when you open a position, and apply once again when you close your position. Liquidity providers cross-connect to the Fortex XCloud server grid through dedicated dark fiber.

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  • An ECN broker in India typically charges a commission on their trading volume.
  • ECN trading is an extremely efficient process using sophisticated technology.

An Indian ECN is a financial network that allows individual Indian traders to bypass brokers and trade directly with market makers. In a traditional system, market makers sell and buy stock in India, earning profits through the bid-ask spread. But with the Indian ECN system, buyers and sellers are automatically matched. This makes it easier for individual Indian traders to enter positions in the financial markets. An Indian ECN broker consolidates orders and quotes from all trading participants and routes them through an electronic communication network. An Indian ECN broker connects his or her clients with liquidity providers using minimum spreads and minimizes their trading costs.

ecn trading platform

ECN also prevents wider spreads from occurring which is a common occurrence with traditional brokers, with overall lower fees and commissions. For those who are concerned about their privacy, ECN also offers a layer of security as privacy with regards to one’s trades. The Indian ECN broker is a financial intermediary that uses a digital access network to connect Indian investors with market participants. By matching buy and sell orders across several liquidity providers, it can ensure more transparency and lower trading fees. Because there is no dealing desk between the Indian investor and the liquidity provider, a Indian trader can trade with confidence.



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All brokerage platforms underwent an evaluation by utilizing a standardized scoring system referred to as the TU Overall Score, which spans from 0.01 to 10.0. Most traders seek out ECN brokers because of this lack of conflict of interest between trader and broker. To understand the concept of ECN trading in detail, you will need to understand how Forex brokers operate in the markets. All of the charts can be detached and act as a standalone desktop application.

This difference is important because Indian ECN brokers are more expensive to open an account, but their trading costs are lower. In addition to lower spreads, Indian ECN brokers provide better liquidity for their clients. In addition, they allow their clients to access the depth of the market in India, as they do not set their own bid and ask prices. Indian ECN brokers execute trades instantly and offer sharper spreads than Indian dealing desk brokers. ECN brokers offer a wider range of trading tools than Dealing Desk brokers in India. ECN brokers match a trade with other market participants in the forex market rather than passing on the orders to market makers.

The Dealing Desk Brokers’ primary revenue source is spreads and Indian traders losses. Indian ECN brokers, on the other hand, profit from the Indian from small commissions of each buy and sell order. In general, dealing desk brokers have higher spreads than Indian ECN brokers.

ECN brokers automatically add transparency, allowing traders to make an informed trading decision after viewing the best-available currency quotations. Brokers using ECNs display the best available bid (buy) and ask (sell) prices on the trading platform, allowing investors to make an informed decision. Also, ECN brokers charge relatively lower commissions compared to traditional brokers for matching buy and sell orders and executing trades.

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network and is a type of account in forex trading where traders can access the interbank market directly and trade with other participants. Unlike with traditional brokers, ECN accounts provide traders with direct access to the global liquidity pool without having to go through a middleman or dealing desk. ECN forex brokers are often the best choice for beginner currency traders thanks to their competitive interbank market spreads. However, looking at the pricing transparency level and commissions charged by ECN brokers before signing up with a trading platform is essential. ECN brokers are forex brokers that work in a specific way — by connecting market participants with one another directly, using an ECN (Electronic Communication Network). This is essentially a computer-based system that constantly monitors the market, looks for the clients’ buy and sells orders, and matches them by using a network of forex liquidity providers.

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